Blissful Encounters Blissful Encounters



Dimitria Desjardins

  What Is "Blissful Encounters" About?

Is your personal life at an all-time high right now where nothing can go wrong? Well neither is Mia's life. She's a woman who understands hurt and frustration in relationships and just wants to be satisfied and happy again. Mia is no longer content being the good wife waiting around for her husband to one day become a good man. When the coast is clear and the time is right, Mia cashes out some savings to travel abroad getting away from stress of life at home. The details that follow are put together in an adult dirty romance novel with a suspenseful plot.


This European vacation evolves into an adventure of a lifetime satisfying desires kept dormant inside Mia for so many years. Once the inner Mia is awakened, she won't so easily be put back to rest. Fetishes, lusts, and fantasies unfulfilled by her husband are met by men Mia encounters while away from home. As passions run wild Mia has to decide when and where does she draw the line.


Feelings of shyness and uncertainty begin to disappear as her escapades continue to increasingly spiral out of control. What will Mia do when she returns to the States? Will she be able to adapt back to a monogamous relationship? Read on to find out how Mia LeBlanc's outlook on life has been altered after a series of intense Blissful Encounters.

  What Will I Gain By Reading "Blissful Encounters"?

* Live your fantasies vicariously through Mia's personal experiences.


* Colorful and vivid details of encounters place you right in the middle of the action.


* Suspense anticipating another encounter will keep reeling you in.


* Your romantic life can get better by following the lead of the main character.


* Gain exclusive entrance to behind close doors encounters with Mia and 'others'.


* Indulge in her exploits as she travels to foreign lands fulfilling unmet desires.


* See the look on the face of others when they find out you've also read Blissful Encounters.


* Watch how Mia gets back at her man for cheating and neglecting her personal needs.


* See how to become dominant again in your relationships and in the bedroom.


* Have your way in the bedroom and get others to want you just like Mia seduces.


*  Place yourself in Mia's shoes to decide if you would pass on a particular encounter

   or welcome it with open arms.


* Experience beautiful landmarks and cultures with Mia as she freely explores her

   new surroundings.


* When you reach the end of Blissful Encounters you will realize that it's only the


  Where Can I Get "Blissful Encounters"?

 Don't have a Kindle device? Don't worry, download the free kindle app and begin reading your own copy in a few minutes.




























Blissful Encounters
Blissful Encounters

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